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Riding the roads, bike paths and mountain bike trails around Boulder and the Front Range is a blast. We at Republic Cycles Boulder are here to make sure the bikes stay in as good of shape as you, the rider. All types of bikes are our passion. We can and will service your bikes needs. Our mechanics have numerous certifications from Trek, Bosch, SRAM, and Shimano and attend classes and seminars to ensure that the bikes getting service from us are finished to the highest standards in the bicycle industry. We can service any of your bicycles from a basic commuter to the most complex mountain and triathlon bicycle.

Most of our bike repairs and services are finished and ready to be picked up within 24 hours of drop off.

At Republic Cycles we have a full range of bike repair and tune up services to meet your needs. Our mechanics do everything from changing a flat tire to mountain bike suspension tuning, and every repair between those. We can get your bike running smooth and amazing. Whether it need just a simple adjustment and some chain lube or it is need of a complete overhaul, we've got you covered. Schedule your bike repair, tuneup, or service with us today.

We now offer pick up and delivery services in Boulder! Call our Boulder bike shop for more info.

Deluxe Bike Tune Up


Bike running a little rough?  Rode it hard this or last season and need some adjustments to get it running smooth for the coming rides?  This is the package for you. 

  • We do a full safety check of all bolts on the bicycle.
  • Adjust the brakes.  We check the brake pads wear make sure the pads are making full contact with the wheel and set the lever feel and make sure you are safe and stopping awesome.
  • Adjust the Shifting.  Both front and rear derailleurs are adjusted to ensure smooth and crisp shifting.  The shifting system is inspected for worn out parts and lightly cleaned and lubed to ensure long life and a smooth ride.
  • Wheels are lightly cleaned and balanced and trued to ensure a straight and fast ride.
  • All bearings are checked and adjusted.  This includes the headset, Bottom Bracket and wheel bearings.
  • The frame is lightly cleaned to inspect for any wear issues.
  • Air is inflated to the proper pressure for the riders size and road/trail conditions.
  • Chain is lubricated and checked for wear.
  • Test ride and check by second mechanic.

Pro Bike Tune Up


This package is for when you have really gotten the miles in and the bike is ready for a wash and more extensive replacement of parts.

Everything from the Deluxe tune up is included.

We then remove the drivetrain completely from the bike and deep clean the entire drive train.  The bottom bracket, one of the largest sources of creaks and groans from the bike is removed cleaned and re lubricated.  The bike sparkles and looks like brand new when we get it back to you.  This is a spa day for your beloved bike.  This cleaning is 100% environmentally friendly with solvents and cleaning agents that are as gentle as the environment as possible.

If you need new drivetrain parts the labor to install them is included in this level of tune up.  Saving you money for those new parts.

Test ride and check over by second mechanic.

Bike Repair & Additional Services

Bike Wash $50.00

Was that gravel road a little muddier then you expected?  Has the trail dirt and dust gotten you down on the bikes beautiful finish?  Sometimes the bike gets dirty and needs some love.  We clean the bike with 100 percent bio degradable products and make it sparkle.  The wheels are removed from the bike and detailed.  We clean everything on the bike and relubrication of the drivetrain and brake and derailleur pivot points to ensure smooth operation.

Safety Check

Put the bike away in the fall and want to know you are safe to ride another season?  We are happy to run through the bike air up the tires and safety check the bolts to make sure you are safe to hit the roads and trails.

Basic Flat Repair

When you come out and find the air out of the tires we can get you fixed up and riding while you wait.

$9.99 plus a new tube.

Most Flat repairs are finished in under 15 minutes.

Sometimes the bike gets a little squeaky and dry we are happy to show you how to lubricate your chain and recommend a chain lube for your riding needs.  We offer this service free of charge for our customers.

We offer a full range of  à la carte service to get just that small mechanical part working perfect on the bike.

Internal Dropper post install $40-$60  

Price depends on how clean the internal routing is and if we need to remove the bottom bracket to run the new post.

Front Suspension Dust wiper replacement and relubrication $70.00 plus parts (these range from $25-$40 depending on the fork.)

We drop the fork lowers, thoroughly clean the fork legs.  Install the new fork seals and use the manufacture recommend lubrication.  We use only OEM parts for these seals from Fox and Rock Shox.

Rear suspension air can service $40.00 plus parts

Did you get a new Frame and the parts are sitting on the old bike begging to be installed?  We do that as well!

Full Pro build $200.00

Every single part is installed to manufactures specifications.

This includes headset install, fork cutting, setup to a specific bicycle fit, brake installation and adjustment, shift components installed and adjusted, also the bottom bracket is installed and your bike is ready to race or ride for the season.  Break in adjustments are included as well

All parts are lubed or prepped with Loctite or carbon paste per the instructions.

New cables and housing are included in the price of this build.

Test ride and check by second mechanic.

Did you get a new bike or your old bike shipped out to you?  We can get that card board box turned into a ridable bicycle.  This service ranges from $75.00 to 150.00 depending on the type of bike and how assembled it is.

Tubeless tires flat?  We can handle that while you wait.  $15.00 including sealant per wheel. 

New tires?  Switching to run tubeless for the first time?  That runs $25.00 per wheel and includes sealant.  Valves and rim strips are extra.


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